Traveling For The Holidays? There Are A Few Things To Remember About Prescriptions

Traveling For The Holidays? There Are A Few Things To Remember About Prescriptions

Traveling abroad with medicine for the holidays can be potentially difficult if not hazardous as many recent news stories have revealed. And as international air travel normalizes and the holidays approach it’s important to know a few things from the CDC!

Lots of international travelerspack medications with them to deal with severe or chronic health issues. However, each country has its very own laws connected to medications. Medicines that are commonly recommended or available over the counter in the United States could be unlicensed or thought about abused substances in various other countries. While guidelines differ by country, there can be severe repercussions if you breach the regulations at your destination. The repercussions may include:

  • Authorities taking away your medicine
  • Penalties, including jail or prison time

Prior to Traveling

Check with your destination’sembassy embassies of nations that you have layovers in to ensure your medicines are permitted.

Lots of nations allow a 30-day supply of particular medications, yet also need the vacationer to carry a prescription or a clinical certification from their health care company.

  • If your medicine is not allowed at your location, talk with your health care service provider regarding choices as well as have them create a letter defining your problem and the treatment strategy.
  • You may also want to check the International Narcotics Control Board website that supplies basic information about narcotics and also dangerous drugs, for countries that know available, for tourists.

Check CDC’s destination pages for travel health information. Check CDC’s webpage for travel wellness info. Examine CDC’s page for your location to see what vaccines or medications you might require and what illness or health and wellness dangers are a concern at your destination.

Make an appointment with your healthcare provider or a travel health specialist at least one month prior to you leave. They can aid you obtain destination-specific injections, medications, as well as info. Talking about health and wellness concerns along with your plan as well as intended activities with your company allows them to give more certain recommendations as well as suggestions.

  • If you plan to be gone for greater than 1 month, talk with your healthcare provider concerning just how you can get sufficient medication for your journey. Some insurance provider will only pay for a 30-day supply at once.
  • If you are a traveling to a various time zone, ask your healthcare supplier about any type of modifications to taking your medicine. Medicines must be taken according to the time because your last dose, not the local time of day.
  • Figure out just how to securely keep your medicine while traveling and also check whether it needs refrigeration. Remember that extreme temperatures can decrease the efficiency of several medications.

Prepare atravel health kit with things you may need, particularly those products that might be difficult to discover at your destination. Include your prescription and over-the-counter medicines in your travel health and wellness package and also take enough to last your entire journey, plus added in case of traveling delays. Pack medications in a carry on in case your baggage is lost or postponed.

  • Keep medicines in their original, labeled containers. Ensure that they are clearly classified with your full name, health care supplier’s name, common as well as trademark name, and specific dose.
  • Bring copies of all written prescriptions, consisting of the generic names for medications. Leave a copy of your prescriptions at home with a buddy or relative in case you lose your duplicate or need an emergency refill.
  • Ask your suggesting health care provider for a note if you utilize dangerous drugs, or injectable medications, such as EpiPens as well as insulin.

Buying Medicine Abroad

Counterfeit drugs are common in some nations, so just make use of medication you bring from residence and ensure to pack enough for the duration of your journey, plus extra in case of traveling hold-ups. If you have to get medications during your trip in an emergency situation, see CDC’s Counterfeit Drugs page.

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